Lies + IG

Isn’t it funny that when we see these kinds of photos on social media that we assume happiness and perfectionism?


As if the soft faded lens and peaceful backdrop of the sunshine, the tall grass waving in the breeze, the crisp leaves on the trees, a random family standing in the middle of nowhere with children looking their happiest with the perfect smile resembling that they are the perfect child…this all means that this family is “okay” and “right” because they took these pictures.

Their marriage must be solid and intact, their children must be great listeners and don’t throw tantrums that leave their parents grasping for understanding and will power. They must not think about divorce, or have dealt with infidelity…they must be financially sound to be able to pay for $400 pictures (yep). They must not be in debt. They must have great jobs and provide for their family no problem.

They must not fight. Look, they’re kissing in the picture. 

Neither of them probably deal with anger issues or depression, or anxiety. 

Maybe going to war wasn’t that hard on her husband?

They probably haven’t lost a child.


It’s weird how a picture really does say 1000 words…even if they aren’t true.

Have you ever thought about that? That maybe all the things you’re thinking when you’re scrolling through IG are actually lies?

Yesterday I saw that a well-known young pastor had committed suicide, leaving behind two young boys and his young beautiful wife. This is the second time this year that I’ve heard of a very well-known pastor leaving behind his family who needs him. Dealing with depression and anxiety. Knowing the Lord more than most of us and yet…he took his life.

Despite all the perfectly edited pictures his wife took of him and their family. Despite leading the perfectly decorated, well lit, well designed and on trend church…there was darkness that people didn’t see or maybe didn’t want to see.

The seriousness, evil and danger that I see when I hear this kind of news is that no one is safe. I know Pastors are attacked by satan and evil more so than the rest of us, because they are leading the cause against evil.

BUT they are the ones we don’t expect it from. Just like these perfectly edited and posed pictures.

You never expect such a dark reality behind such a well lit front. Satan wants you to assume that your life is worse than that person, so that you hide it…behind another well-lit and edited front.

And that’s how it is sometimes. That’s how the devil wants it to be. He wants you to bury your darkness behind fake light. Behind the charismatic smile, the perfectly combed or curled hair.

Behind that industrial farmhouse fixer upper insta journey, you’re pushing down and hiding the anxiety attacks and depression that follows you around. No one can know how bad it is though because…then they’ll know. And how would that look? What would they think of you? They would never understand.

Behind your big move that you prayed for and felt led to do, the insta stories look so fun and cute. But you’re behind on four bills and working two jobs while you’re husband doesn’t help as much as you want him to and you feel completely alone, barely affording childcare and considering sending them to live with their grandma so you can catch up on bills. But you can’t tell anyone because what would they think? How would they view your husband? What would they think of you as a mother? Would you lose your friends? You’d really put money before your kids?-They’d say. They would never understand. So you hide, and pretend behind pretty pictures.

So instead of reaching out to someone…anyone. Asking for someone to pray for you. Venting the darkness out and being exposed into light–you hide. And the darkness festers, mutates, and grows until there’s no more room for it anymore.

There are two ways out, either you stop the darkness from growing on your own  and it ends everything or you present the gross mutated thing that it has become–to someone.

But you have to make sure it’s the right someone…who knows that this gross mutated thing is not as gross and bad as you may think. In fact, they may tell you that there are so many of these mutated creatures, that they have found the cure and if you had just asked someone about it in the beginning, they would have told you the cure is not found on your own and is not done in secret. It is found with many people, it is loud and sharp, it hurts…but in the end, it will be cured. You just have to endure, but it has to be known. And everyone surrounding you, will be so glad and relieved that you found the cure.

This is a dark thing to talk about isn’t it? Pictures/false realities making people feel hopeless, alone and thinking the only way out is to take themselves completely off the earth.

But I’m not wrong.

It’s weird to say this, but social media seems like it may be what is killing off more Christians than anything else.

So don’t believe the lies Satan is telling you while you scroll. 


In this picture of my family and I, we were going through a tough time. I’d say right now it is 100% harder but at this time in the picture, it felt dark and bad.

My husband had gotten back from his 4th deployment about 2 weeks prior, I was dealing with late on-set postpartum depression and didn’t know it, I decided to spend $400 on family photos and didn’t talk to my husband about the cost until our drive to do these photos which went excellent. We fought in the car on the way there, even threw out the idea of divorce. My husband was transitioning into the reserves and I was doing Real Estate, not making any money. Neither of us had jobs and were living on savings, with a mortgage north of $2000/month.

Because of my postpartum depression I was silently thinking he was cheating on me because of insecurities that had followed from a past affair in our marriage and I had no sex drive, no desire to workout and take care of myself, no desire to do or feel pretty much anything…except you know what? We should take some pictures that make us look like we are really happy and then maybe we will actually be happy.

It can always get worse. And it will, if you don’t take necessary steps to make it better.